How to Handle Depression and Bitterness [READ ARTICLE]

How to Handle Depression and Bitterness

How to Handle Depression and Bitterness
How to Handle Depression and Bitterness

Handle Depression and Bitterness: Some weeks back, I heard from a friend a real-life story, of a particular lady that committed suicide because she broke up after five years of dating.

The lady bought the snipper with her own money and took it thinking that would have ended the pain she was feeling at the moment. And she died.

You know, after listening to the story, I did what most people will do. I was like

why would she kill herself for an ordinary breakup. There are so many amazing guys out there that will be willing to date her. She would have just cried for a few days and moved on” that was my thinking though.

Amid all my thoughts on the matter, I got to realize that she was suffering from Bitterness and Depression. She wasn’t expecting her five years relationship would end like that, she couldn’t bear the bitterness she felt.

As little as bitterness and depression, they are the most dangerous. And this led to the death of this lady.

And with the situation of the country, there are a lot of things that can put you in a state of depression. You must decide to be joyful and handle all situations with the help of God. Suicide is never an option.

Here are a few tips that will help you overcome bitterness and depression.

1) Replace your complaining friends with positive ones.

Look at your circle of friends. who’s there? filter those who only speak negatively or force you to do things that are not right. This is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

2) Replace fault-finding and complaining with gratitude.
Learn to be thankful, you have been complaining for too long and things didn’t change. Switch your strategy to gratitude.

3) Don’t feed off of negative sources.
Be mindful of what you see and hear. What you see and hear consistently shapes your mindset and behaviors.

Read good books, and listen to positive music, television, and radio stations. Surround yourself with people who are good for you and have your best interest at heart.

4) Commit to developing your spiritual walk
Create a good relationship and fellowship with God. Attend spiritual gatherings. Whenever challenges arise table them to God and He will always help you out. He is a God of integrity. You can trust Him.

5) Watch what you say.
words are the creative force we can use to change any negative situations around us.

words have power. so choose them carefully. If your want positive results, you’ve got to have positive communication. And if you want negative results keep complaining. Either way, it’s a choice. I encourage you to choose that which is positive. Learn to agree or agree to disagree. Avoid quarreling, fighting, and gossiping.

These are but a few of the tips that can help you overcome depression and bitterness. Whatever you may be going through it will pass away.

Mary Omidiran
Author: Mary Omidiran

It’s a new week, there are so many things that will want to make you frustrated, be ready to fight it and stay positive.

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