Uganda steps up efforts to curb latest outbreak of Ebola

uganda steps up efforts to curb latest outbreak of ebola

In Uganda, concerns are growing around the latest outbreak of Ebola that has already caused seven deaths and 35 recorded cases.

The outbreak is centred around the community of Madudu in the Central District of Mubende.

“We are looking at the possibility and probability that actually there was an earlier spread that passed unnoticed, like it happens in this and all epidemics. And then the second concern is about the people who are in contact now, and these contacts have to be followed up”, said Dr. Paul Batiibwe, Hospital Director at the Mubende Regional Referral Hospital.

The authorities have already admitted that the first few days after the announcement of the outbreak were chaotic as the district was not prepared to deal with this emergency.

“When the news broke, it caused stampeding both in the hospital and the communities, there was stampede and disorganization. We started bringing in very many people to the hospital”, admitted Rosemary Byabashaija, RDC, Head of Mubende District Ebola Task Force.

In order to boost the efforts to curb the spread of the virus the government announced a mobile testing facility that could help identify cases quickly.

“Given the way the transmission is going on and the number of patients we have been receiving, we anticipate a bigger picture because of the network of contacts which is there and that is where the concern is”, added the hospital director. 

The Ugandan government’s move to curb the spread of Ebola in the first few days caused anxiety among the public when suspected cases and contacts were bundled up together at the isolation centre.

uganda steps up efforts to curb latest outbreak of ebola 1
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